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Students Perform Impressive Traditional Dance Number At Prom

Dancing is a language that is spoken by everyone. Regardless of your people or culture, this expression of art does not need words to convey its meaning. A video from 2016 shows this in a beautiful way: the graduating class of a Hungarian school performed a traditional Hungarian dance they had specifically learned for just this special occasion.

One particular ancient dance called Palotás was created in Hungary in the 13th century. Even today, it is still performed. However, these prom-goers took the dance to a whole different level of expression.

The students made their prom one to truly remember when they performed the traditional Hungarian dance in perfect synchronization.

The girls were decked out in formal white gowns, reminiscent of what a bride would wear on her wedding day. Likewise, the boys were wearing classic black tuxedos.

At the beginning of the dance, they scoot around on their feet before beautifully circling each other. When they merge with a partner, the duo bounces along with the beat of the music while continuing to circle each other. At one point, it almost looks as if they are performing a waltz.

The dance then becomes more complex as they begin doing more intricate steps and switching partners along the way. In this video clip, the climax of the dance is when three girls are lifted into the air.

Each pair walks off of the stage together, performing a special exit and beaming with big smiles.

Watch the video in the link below:

This prom is surely one that will leave a lasting impression for everyone that was there. You will enjoy watching every second of this mesmerizing dance. After you have watched the video, be sure to spread the joy to everyone else in your social network.

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