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The Ten Commandments Were All Prophetic

Rabbi Eric Tokajer (Eric Tokajer Facebook page)

Messianic Rabbi Eric Tokajer says many believers look at the Ten Commandments as God's way of putting limitations on how to live their lives. They see them as sort of a hindrance.

Nothing, Tokajer says, can be further from the truth. Tokajer says the Ten Commandments have a much deeper prophetic meaning than many are aware, and they are more relevant today than when they were first given many millennia ago.

"The Ten Commandments weren't designed to make us miserable, and they weren't given so that we would have restrictions on our lives," Tokajer told Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of Greenelines on the Charisma Podcast Network. "They're not just arbitrary, and they're not burdensome. Every one of the commandments [was] given so that we would understand the nature and character of God and, ultimately, the nature and character of Yeshua.

"When we look at these commandments, all of them, each one gives us a glimpse into a different facet of the redemptive work that Yeshua did," Tokajer says. "All of them were prophetic, and they fulfilled what Yeshua did for us.

"They were all pointing to Him so that we would recognize Him as Messiah."

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