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4 Famous Movie Stars who were Sued to Court for Quitting a Movie.

Throughout their career, movie stars tend to review contract, make a deal and work with a good number of producers, directors, and agents to determine their next move. Sometimes that next move does not work out the way they expect.

Actors can find themselves visiting a courtroom if their decision to quit a movie is not mutually agreed upon.

In the case of disagreement, movie stars tend to find themselves in the middle of a lawsuit due to their action or inaction, and a lot of money is spent settling the dispute. In this article I will be sharing with you some Hollywood movie stars who were sued to court for quitting a movie.

After Whoopi Goldberg had a verbal agreement to star in the film "Theodore Rex". she attempted to back out but She was sued to court for a huge amount of money.

John Travolta was set to replace another actor in a leading role in the movie "The Double," but after some rewrite discrepancies with the director of the movie, he chose to walk away from the movie. He was then sued in court by Mandalay Entertainment.

Bruce Willis: The actor was set to direct the movie "Three stories about Joan", but according to "Thirsty Mile Zone", he walked off the set of the movie and did not look back. He was sued to court for some millions of dollars in damages.

Kim Basinger: According to 'Den of Geek' the actress was offered a role in the movie "Boxing Helena," and she was said to have had a verbal agreement to the contract. But Main Line Pictures sue her to court when she backed out. Entertainment Weekly reported at the time that it exceeded her worth by a huge amount of money.

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