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FEMALES: How To Identify And Avoid A Yoruba Demon

Females: How to identify and avoid a Yoruba demon

A Yoruba demon is not necessarily of the Yoruba tribe, Although, the term originated from them, it has evolved to be a general term used to describe men who are not on search of something serious with you but pretend to be.... In a bid to waste your time and have some fun. 

How can you avoid a Yoruba demon when you glance or see him? The first step to avoid one is to identify one. Now, here are 2 ways out of the 5 on how recognize a Yoruba demon from miles away and guard yourself against these heartbreakers and time wasters. I will share the the remaining 3 later here. Please follow me on this platform to get more of it. 

1. IDENTIFY THIER UNIFORM: Back then, it was their white agbada or black one for demons above 40 years. These days, they have restrategised and re-branded, thereby changing the popular uniform for harder identification. 

A likely way to spot them now is through their beards. The term Yoruba demon has subtly added to its synonym 'beard gang'. The competition for who has the longest and fullest beard is an intense one among the demons. To avoid story for the gods, once you sight a bearded fellow, my sister, just pack your bags and shoes in your hands and run in other direction. 

2. IDENTIFY THIER DICTION: A Yoruba main power is their ability to make you believe that you are the one for him. In order to pull this off, they involve friends and family who also join in the demonic process by referring to you as "our wife". The friends will keep hailing you which may cause your legs to drift into the kitchen to display your culinary crafts. 

Meanwhile, they will 'yinmu' on you as you are stirring that pot with all your energy. Biko, to avoid this, even if their ancestors and forefathers call you their wife... just steadily maintain your lane and don't perform all those duties. Note that a wife is one who has a legal ring on her hand. 

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