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Meet Paul Anka The Songwriter Of The Song "Put Your Hands On My Shoulder" That Is Currently Trending

Silhouette has become a global challenge that every country around the world is getting involved in across different platforms of social media.

However, this is a challenge that has been going viral on social media platforms as a challenge in which a song far back 60s is brought back to life called 'silhouette.'

The song, 'put your hands on your my shoulder' has been popular because of the challenge ongoing on the microblogging platforms. The brainchild of the song is Paul Anka from Canada and the song is a love which each line is telling a story, but the challenge made it popular.

The challenge of silhouette is a video of tiktok meant for just a minute which performers are made to pose in a sexy way at the door frame before the light goes off turning into a mixture of red and black while the performer demonstrates in a manner that is deficient of morality and decency.

Love song was written by the Canadian singer and songwriter, Paul Anka in the 60s at the peak of his fame and this ever green song caught the fantasy of young girls these days and it becomes a challenge song that every girl wants to jump into it.

Paul Anka was born around 1941 by Lebanese parents, Camelia and Andrew Emile in Ottawa, Canada and by the age of 14, he recorded his first song known as "I confess", but he truly came into limelight after he recorded a song with Diana Known as "I'm single."

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