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Hilarious: Check Out These Bizarre And Funny Things People Actually Did

Some days are very boring. We just go through the normal things we do like clockwork. No fun, nothing unusual to make us laugh our hearts out. But on some other days, we get to experience things that make us wonder, 'Is that really happening?'. Well here is a small compilation of very weird and funny things people actually did. You wouldn't believe I tell you.

One look at this picture and I'm wondering, 'What was he trying to achieve?' This guy literally put a car sideways in his car's trunk. How much would it cost to hire a tow truck? I wouldn't be surprised if his car collapsed under all that weight. This is an accident waiting to happen.

When you're part of the 'never to be caught unfresh' geng, you would rather use a spoon to eat a banana, rather than eat it the way every normal person would. I guess this person must have seen their crush and wanted to look cool, even with a banana in hand. Well guys, now you can eat a banana in public and look cool while doing it. *Winks*

I don't even know where to start with this French composer called Eric Satie. This man was on a strict diet of white food. If wasn't white in colour, he wouldn't eat it. He ate food like coconuts, rice, eggs, salt, grated bones (yes, grated bones), suger, etc. He also belonged to a religion he created by himself. Talk about weird. What do you think of this?

That moment when you're probably just minding your business until someone takes a wierdly funny photo of you. A closer look and you'll see that those are a baby's legs, but if you're not observant you will find yourself wondering why a grown man has baby legs.

To the guys in the house, imagine you get married now, and for some bizzare reason, you have to seek permission to see your own wife. As in you must have a hand written invitation before you can see her. That is what this man did. The artist named Dali built a huge house for his wife Gala, and before he could see his own wife, he needed a written invitation. This is really weird. I'm trying to imagine Nigerian men doing this, but I just can't form the picture in my head.

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