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People Criticised BBNajia For adding more Igbo than other ethnic group in Nigeria

Why BBnaija This year would not be interesting

The BBnaija 2020 edition has officially commenced today 19th July 2020. The housemates were officially introduced by the host of BBnaija, Ebuka Obi- Uchendu. This season edition of the BBnaija has been themed “Lockdown” reality show.

BBnajia fans on social have been complaining that the number of Igbo are much than the other ethnical group meaning that the reality show is only meant for Igbo where they are millions of Yoruba people in Lagos. Some said that their vote will not favour anyone because none of the Igbo house mate deserved it. While some commented that he is pissed that it is only one Yoruba that could make the room.

Why other critisized the BBnajia for trying to cause diversion of ethinc group in Nigeria

This is list of the copied comment:

@Debbygold “ i can not feeling these new housemates. because most are Igbo only one Yoruba who look like gangster makes the room its not making sense "

@Unclemaga “So the organizers of this show meant to tell me that out of the millions of Yoruba people in Lagos, there is just only one that qualifies to be on the show. I am pissed already”

@Zaddy "So Hausa is not fit in the room too. Can they cancel this TV show and bring something talented"

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