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God is Wonderful: Check Out The Shortest Man in The World[Pictures & Details].

The World is full of mysteries and many things that God does and no one understand. See the shortest man in the world pictures and imagine the greatness of God.

Chandra Bahadur Dangi was born in Nepal on 30,November 1939. He was awarded the award by Guinness World Record as the world shortest man on February 2012.

He is recorded to have 54.6cm(21.5 in) in height, he was then verified as the shortest man ever lived by Guinness World Records.

Though the medical cause for his shortest is not known till now. He died on September 3,2015 but the exact caused of the death was not disclosed.

The shortest once meet the tallest recorded man in the world in 2014 at an event hosted by Guinness World Record day and they shared one of the best pictures of all time.

He has five brothers and two sisters and helps look after buffaloes and cows in his remote mountain village of Reemkholi and that was what he was known for before he died in 2015.

God is really a mysterious God.

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