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Pictures: Meet The 5 Best Dressed Skit Comedians In Nigeria

With the growth of social media in Nigeria, there have been a shift on how comedians, now engage with their audience. The need of setting up a comedy show or event is gradually fading as comedians now prefer to thrill their fans with their funny short videos. This method seem to be working for them as instead of stand-up comedy, they have turned to making short videos (skits) which have today, gotten them massive followers, brand ambassadorial roles and also money from monetized contents.

Nasty Blaq and Ash Musy.

But as good as these skit comedians are, there are some of them that are also killing it in the fashion world. They are awesome fashionistas who know how to look good, dress well and pose for the gram. These skit comedians understand that making comedy is not only the variable to keep their fans engaged but also added looking good to their portfolio.

Who then are the top best dressed skit comedians in Nigeria? Well, continue reading below to find out.

Lasisi Elenu

Lasisi sure knows how to keep it cool and all swaged out. Just as he entertains his fans when it comes to comedy, Lasisi is also a top fashionista. From the way he dresses, one can really tell that he is very conscious of what he wears. His fashion style can be said to be neat, casual and simple.


Photo Credit: Instagram

Ash Musy

Amarachi Amusi also known as Ash Mushy also has a high taste for fashion. Amongst the female skit comedians in Nigeria, Ash Musy ranks high as one who is stylish. Apart from dropping comedy skit videos, Ash Musy always wow her fans with beautiful pictures which shows her good fashion taste.


Photo Credit: Instagram


Talking about having a contemporary fashion style, Twyse is at the top of the list amongst skit comedians in Nigeria who has taken fashion as a serious business just as his comedy. His fashion style reads the type always wants to keep it simple and clean. A unique blend of sneakers, tees and good looks.

Photo Credit: Instagram 

Nasty Blaq

Nasty Blaq seems to understand the saying that “how you dress, is how you’ll be addressed”. He keeps comedy and fashion in great checks. His style is contemporary and simple too. Among-st the comedy skit makers in Nigeria, he is well placed as someone who cares about his outlook.

Photo Credit: Instagram 


Taaooma has been in the business of skit making for a while now. Just as she is consistent with her comedy videos, so is her fashion her style. Taaooma fashion style is also quite unique because she always finds a way of balancing what she wears with the scarf she is putting on.


Photo Credit: Instagram

When comedy and fashion meets, the end product is always amazing. These skit comedians have shown that they are not only good at making videos to make people laugh, but also know how to look good to keep their fans smiling.

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Ash Musy Nasty Blaq Nigeria


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