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Opinion: Maria following White Money on Instagram, the resumption of a beautiful friendship

Recently, the news of Maria and Pere following each other on Instagram went viral on social media. In the same spirit of reconciliation, I also noticed that Maria and White Money are now following each other. And for such a thing to happen, it means that the duo have cleared up the rift between them; and this might be the outset of a beautiful friendship.

photo credit:@WhiteMoney/ Maria

Recall, when Maria was evicted from the Big Brother house, one of the first things she did was to unfollow some of the ex-housemates on Instagram including White Money. Her action also prompted White Money's Instagram handlers to unfollow her.

photo credit:@WhiteMoney/ Maria

Remember, Maria and White Money never had a personal fight or altercation in the house; she was misled by Pere. White Money had her back when she entered the house newly. Even when he found out that she was a wild card, he refused to expose her due to the friendship that existed between them. During their first two weeks in the house, they were so close and related well with each other that fans almost tagged them an item.

photo credit:@Maria/ Pere

Sadly, Pere came in between and turned Maria against White Money who had done nothing to her, and this also prompted White Money's massive fan base to turn against Maria. Many people believed that Maria's separation from White Money led to her early eviction from the Big Brother shine ya eyes show. 

It is a good thing that they are working on their friendship. At least, following each other on Instagram is one bold step they took to encourage their new friendship. I am glad they have realised that everything that happened in the house was a game and should be left in the past. On this note, I think Maria following White Money on Instagram was a good move that should be commended.

What do you think about this?

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