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Zee world: Who is more beautiful between Mehek and Roshni (see latest photos).

Lee world fans always love to see their favorite actresses compared together.

We came up with the idea of comparing Roshni (king of hearts) and Mehek (Zindagi Ki Mehek) after viewing people's comment on the article we made by comparing Shaurya of Zindagi Ki Mehek and Siddharth of King Of Hearts.  

-Mehek (Samiksha Jaiswal) Mehek's real name is Samiksha Jaiswal. She started being popular by the time she had her first debut in Zindaki Ki Mehek (2016) as the main leading character.  

-Roshni (Nia Sharma) Roshni is an Indian television Actress. Her real name is Neha Sharma, popularly known by her stage name Nia Sharma.

She is the youngest in her family. The actress had her first debut in 2009. 

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