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The Story Of Princess Orompto Who 'STRIPPED NAKED' To Become KING

She was the first woman to become a "king" of Oyo in the imperial period, while it was the first woman to take her to become the "king" of Oyo since its pre - imperial reign, Yeyeori. Orompoto assumed its throne since her family at the time had no male successor. She helped drive the Nupe back from Oyo in 1555. In the new capital Igboho, Orompto was Oyo 's second monarch, which was miraculously transformed into a man before assuming the throne. Some traditions in the oral record have been recorded.

She was allegedly masterful in horseback riding and she established a specialized order of officers of cavalry within her army who were subject to the Eso Ikoyi. Orompoto was very successful and was able to procure horse riders from Borga. First of all, cavalry was a force with which Oyo's enemies could be counted in several wars.[1] It is said that considered a skillful combatant herself, she distinguished herself in the fight against Illayi. She lost three warlords in rapid succession while fighting against her enemies in the region, titleholders in Oyo called Gbonkas. A third of them are believed to have collapsed in a turbulent smile. The opponents thought that he was still alive and mockingly shaken by what they saw as their failure to better execute the Oyo gbonkas.[12] They then left the battlefield, and the Oyo won the battle.

It was Ajiboyede 's successor.

While history seems to be overlooked, we begin to realize that in the past there were more women leaders than we thought. It is very odd to hear women leaders in Nigeria because the ability to govern is not granted to them. Often they are wives and are heads of women's groups responsible for 'domestic affairs.' This reflects the patriarchal nature of the country's affairs and laws that prevent women in their local communities from occupying such jobs.

The first and only female Alaafin of Oyo was Orompotoniyun, simply called Orompoto. In the 16th century, from 1554 to 1562, she speculatively ruled Oyo.

From 1554 to 1562, Orompoto was the monarch of the Oyo Empire. She was Alaafin Ofinran 's daughter and Alaafin Onigbogi's granddaughter, both of whom at the time ruled the empire. Her brother, Prince Eguguoju, died as her dad, and became the next on the throne, succeeding its dad. But without a male successor in his young man, he died. His younger brothers, Prince Ajiboyede and Prince Tella were very young and at that time they were not able to take up their throne.

In consequence, Orompoto left her role as regent (a leader of the Nupe from Oyo in 1555 after a protracted battle) to take over the throne. This decision was not good at the council of kings, because throughout the past of the kingdom there had been no female rulers. 

The chiefs and elders had started to prepare who would become the next governor in the Oyo Empire. Orompoto was even stronger and insistent with any proposal that they put forward, that it was the only link to the empire and must be on the throne. Princess Orompoto tried to defend her family 's rights by appealing to the chiefs to discuss coronation plans.

Instead, she asked the Elders and Chiefs to prove that she was a kid, as that was her coronation's only obstacle. The leaders felt that it was a fine way to taunt her and told her to show in seven days her masculinity and strip naked in the palace.

After this conference, Princess Orompoto began to wear male clothing, and the day after, she placed the podium on and her cap was removed to reveal her hair, which was that. She also gave her chest ahead, and the elders were never impressed. She then removed her pants. The chiefs not only saw manhood but also a scrotum sack falling with two scrotum eggs in the sack according to oral history.

Each one fell in prostration on his chest and she was throne-like Alaafin Orompotoniyun at that point. The custodian of womanhood that kills evil plots, Orompotonyun has come to be widely known as Ajiun.

Orompoto became Alaafin of Oyo and reportedly skilled in horseback riding and created a specialized order within her army of Cavalry officers subject to Eso Ikoyi.

In the battle of Illayi, she was also considered an experienced and distinguished warrior. One of the few Alafins who died in war is said to be dead in action. She died.

Do we still have female rulers in Nigeria? 

Is there a probability of Nigeria having many female rulers in the future?

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below

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