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Fiction: How I Got Scammed to The Detriment Of My Family

The foundation of everything is all greed. How do you expect to benefit from where you did not show? My friends brought up this idea of us going to learn an hand work, so as to be able to earn a living, reducing the way we depended on our parent. It was a wonderful idea, but I was not interested in it. I didn't want to a kind of job where I would put in much effort and earn a little. I wanted to earn more with little or no effort.

So I got introduced into this double your money thing. I wasn't that sure about it but I decided to give it a try because of the way the person that introduced me to it spoke. He even gave me five thousand naira to add to what ever amount I wanted I wanted to put. Totally I put in ten thousand naira. I was surprised when I received an alert the following week. I was given twenty thousand.

As I saw this I couldn't believe my eye. Immediately greed came upon me, I wanted to cashout big. I decided to put in a hug amount of money. I began thinking of various ways to raise a huge amount of money. Then they t occured to me to sell my father's house. I had a plan that I would buy the house back after making much money.

I waisted no time in selling the house without the knowledge of my mother. After selling the house and paying in the money into the double your money account. I kept waiting to receive my reply, but to my suprise the app was closed. My money was gone, our family house was gone and I was even in debt. Teh new owner of the house waisted no time in giving us quick notice. My mother and sister were surprised that I could do this behind their back. I wonder how my father would feel even in his grave.

Now I am even in a worse situation than I was before, we are now homeless. Everyone I called for help neglected me saying if I had gotten the money would I have called them to come and spend it with me. If I had known I should have listened to my friends who had gone to learn an handwork. From the way I see them they are living fine. I have brought problem to my family and it is all because of greed.

Please What should I do to get I and my family out of this mess? Where do I start from?

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