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Husband and wife relationship

If you do these things as a wife you will destroy your marriage.

Marriage is the coming together of a man and woman to live together for ever. For the marriage to work, there must be love, trust, respect and commitment from both the husband and the wife.

The husband is the head of the family and the wife is the helper but there are things that if the wife do the marriage will crumble. If the wife does not live up to her responsibilities, there will be no peace in the house.

There are some important responsibilities that requires only the wife does it to the husband but if the wife lives it the house girl or her children, she will mess up her marriage. Some of them are:

1. Neglecting your body and look because you are married.

Because you are married you now say to yourself; “I am married i can relax, afterall who is looking at me.?” He married you Slim, sexy and trendy. Next thing you become obessed, dirty and shabbily dressed. It is the mistake most careless married women.

2. Daring your husband to beat you.

This is one of the worst mistakes most women do and end up regretting. You block the door way, then dare him to beat you up and see what will happen.A Lot of women have done this and end up regretting.

3. Denying your husband sex regularly.

Because you are a career woman;You are an overly religious woman...Hmmm! You feel sex in marriage is secondary, you deny your husband your body regularly, so he is sexually starved and intimacy famished. His Secretary, colleagues, and girls in church are seducing and begging him to come to them but you have padlocked your own and expect him not to lust after others. His mind will drift from you towards them. Be careful my dear.

4. Daring your husband to sleep with another woman.

Most women are fun of daring their husband to sleep with another woman because you think you are his king. You will be making a major mistake if you dare your husband to sleep with another woman.You may live to regret it.

5. Leaving your housemaid to do everything for your husband.

Your maid is the one that cooks,cleans the house, cares for the children and your husband. You suddenly become a lazy bone since the arrival of the maid.All you do is shout and place orders. Not bad! But if your husband feels more love and care from the maid, sister that maid won't struggle to snatch your husband. You are the one that caused it.

6. Leaving a female friend to take care of your husband for you.

Some women make this mistake of leaving their husband in the care of their female friend. They will say “My dear friend, please be my eye as I travel for this one week, help cater for my husband and my little kids”. By the time you are back, your dear friend has so really helped you by sleeping with your husband and expecting a new baby as continuation from where you stopped. If at all she hasn't eloped with your man, leaving your children all alone.

It is very bad to commit your husband into the hands of your beautiful and very active friend.

7. Becoming too demanding without showing appreciation.

Some women can be so demanding and never contented in life. Anything the husband does is not enough all they do is to nag and make the husband always not happy. It will reach a time that the husband will no longer tolarate it.

Any wife that do these things will mess up her marriage completely.

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