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8 Kannywood Actresses Who Have Remained Active For Over 15 Years

In this article, we present to you five Kannywood actresses who remained consistent for more than ten years in the Kannywood movie industry.

1. Hadiza Muhammad Kabara

Hadiza Muhammad Sani is popularly known as Hadiza Kabara. She started acting in 1998 in a Blockbuster movie called Allura da zare. She left the industry when she got her first marriage.

Hadiza married Muhammad Kabara, who was a movie director and producer in the kannywood movie industry. She got her title name from her former husband, Muhammad Kabara. Unfortunately, their marriage was crashed. The marriage was blessed with a girl called Bilkisu. Hadiza Kabara has now returned to the movie industry. Her recent movie is a series film on international TV, Arewa24 called Gidan Badamasi.  

2. Saratu Gidado

Saratu Gidado is popularly known as Daso. She has been in the Kannywood movie industry for more than fifteen years. She featured her first movie in 2000.

Daso is a very popular Kannywood actress who appeared in over two hundred movies. She mostly acts as the role of a wicked mother and stepmother. She left the movie industry and married. But she returned to her career after her marriage failed.

3. Fati Fagge

Fati Fagge is also among the Kannywood actresses who has been acting in the industry for more than ten years.

She left the industry for some reasons but she also returned to the Kannywood industry.

4. Hajara Usman

Hajara Usman is popularly known as Mama. She is mostly featuring as a nice woman in Kannywood movies.

She has been in the Kannywood movie industry for a long time and still remained consistent.

5. Saima Muhammad

She started acting in the early 2000s. Saima Muhammad acted in many Blockbuster Kannywood movies.

6. Fati Muhammad

Fati Muhammad is among the most beautiful actress in the Kannywood industry. She started acting at a tender age.

She acted in many movies before she married her co-actor, Sani Mai Iska. Unfortunately, their marriage was closed and she returns to the acting career.

7. Rashida Abdullahi Adamu

Rashida Abdullahi Adamu is famously known as Rashida Mai sa'a. She featured in many Hausa movies.

8. Ruqayya Dawayya

Ruqayya started acting in the early 2000s. When Dawayya got her first marriage, she left the Kannywood movie industry.

But unfortunately, when her marriage failed she returns fully to the Kannywood movie industry.

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