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Zee World: Between Abhi And Siddharth, Who Is More Fashionable?

Shabir Ahluwalia is actually the name of Indian guy that potrayed Abhi in Zee world series " Twist Of Fate". Ravi Dubey also potrayed Siddarth in King of heart. They are popular Bollywood actors that has brought fame to the movie industry. Abhi was known to be a very jovial type in his movie series " Twist of faith". Same could be talked about Siddarth in king of heart. Both actor are good at their acting role and no doubt are professional in their field. Seeing these actors in their movie set could be fun but getting to see them in a way that does not involve the movie set is more fun.

Looking at the pictures below, we could see Abhi and Siddarth in their different outfits. This includes pictures of their activities other than the popular ones we see from their movie set. It also potrays pictures of their loved ones. One would wonder who rocked a better fashionable wears. This could be quite difficult because both of them are Fashionable looking at their pictures. Kings of heart and twist of faith are Zee world series that would remain ever fresh in the heart of many people. Between Abhi and Siddarth, who do you think that rocks the best fashionable wears.

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