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"Drinking Alcohol is Not A Sin, Christ Drank Wine," Reno Omokri On Twitter - See People's Reactions

It's become quite a common belief among the Protestant Churches that the intake of alcohol is sinful. Infact, most Believers tend to view anyone who drinks alcohol as very sinful. Whenever a Pentecostal pastor wants to talk about drinks, he always strongly condemns the drinking of Alcohol. However, recently, some Protestant Pastors seem to now have different things to say concerning this matter.

Today, the 17th day of July 2020, Twitter was set ablaze by a tweet made by Reno Omokri. Reno Omokri is a 47-year-old controversial Lawyer and Author, who is also the Pastor of the Mind of Christ Christian Centre in California and Abuja. He's popularly known for using Social Media to Project the Gospel.

In his tweet this afternoon, Reno wrote: "Drinking Alcohol is not a sin, Christ Drank Wine." Trust Twitter users to react promptly to this post which is extremely controversial and also sensitive. It is sensitive and controversial in the sense that Orthodox churches support drinking of Alcohol while Pentecostal) Protestant churches are strongly against it. See screenshot of post below.

Some individuals commented showing their approval of the post and thanking him for making it crystal clear for them. However, a certain set of people reacted negatively to this post. One Twitter User, Tobwins, told Reno Omokri in no uncertain terms that "having access to the internet does not provide a platform for saying rubbish," He also made other comments and concluded by telling Reno, "Oga, you are a fool on this topic".

See Screenshot of comment below:

Meanwhile, other users expressed their thoughts and made their contributions. One Alex Ewere advised Reno saying, "Mr Reno, there are things better left unsaid.." See screenshot of post below:

Screenshots of other Reactions:

Well, what about you, what do you think of his claim? He has told the whole world that Drinking Alcohol is not a sin, and that Christ drank wine. What do you think he's trying to say? That the wine Christ drank was actually Alcohol? Do you agree with him?

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