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15 Hilariously Dumb Lies We Genuinely Believed When We Are Kids

The first person that lies to you is your parent and none of us can deny us. Yes, they love us, but it meant a few more hours of sleep or getting us to shut up when we were toddlers, they’d do anything. Even it means making up fake stories and lies to do them, growing up, we finally notice the complex schemes our parents pulled to make us do chores and fear what was not there. It was beneficial for them, but what about our traumas! A lot of us still have lingering fears from swallowing seeds or gums.

Give me 1 million now.

When 7-year-old got ahead of time.

That dumb kid that was me.

Might do that as well, so we never had to change the lights.

That’s the technique.


How else would you stop kids from trying to swallow them!

We love to act like adults, especially the bad ones.

All those thriller movies trained us well.

Demon reminding you not to sleep with your hair wet.

Why do parents do this?


Every show was using the exact same trope.

Proceeds to remain concerned for days.

Is there anyone who wasn’t?

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