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Here's a summary of what will happen in Begusarai season 2

Hello lovers you of Bollywood. As usual I'm bringing you updates from zee world. Now, before we continue I would implore you to follow me for more zee world updates. Also, please try and interact with my article by commenting, liking and sharing as that encourage me to write more.

Now, on to the matter of today. I want to give you a snippet of what would happen in the part 2 of the action filled series, Begusarai.

The opera starred Lakhan (an hard guy) who fell in love with a girl, Poonam (an innocent girl) despite how she hated him for a while. Soon, the two fell in love together and villian came to steal their joy. Summarily, Lakhan and Poonam died with the sister-in-law taking care of their newly born child.

Now, the season 2 would begin with a leap of after 20 years with new characters being introduced. Bindya is now the new ruler of Begusarai. She takes care of mithilesh children, her children as well as poonam's son.

She grows a deep hatred for women and guard all her sons jealousy avoiding any women to come in between them. She's feared by the family and doesn't do whatever she doesn't like.

Her sons are like goons and thugs. They do whatever she commands. Summarily, The opera would consists of a love story between Shakti, Lakhan sonand a random girl in their town. It promises to have a happy ending.

If I tell you everything that would happen, then there won't be any suspense in the movie right? Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? Let me know on the comment section. Like and follow for more. Share also.

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