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Check out this hilarious chat that made a man broke up with his new girlfriend.

A Man is single again

A man took his chat out with his supposed girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend after he just got into the relationship newly with her. But it wasn't his fault that he is now single again. You will understand that after you read through his shared chat, screenshot below.

After he got his blushing, he also got his shocking without going far.

Sometimes, curiousity kills what's meant to be enjoyed.

This is where he got his surprise from the picture he requested for which is in the below screenshot.

He asked "what is this?" because he is definitely surprised.

But why will the lady asked about break up at first. After telling him "it's just a tip of the iceberg, the best is yet to come"

"Best dish" indeed, and he sees it as sacrifies to some kind of gods.

And he became single again.

What do you think about that.

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