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Henry Danger is handsome, but is he as handsome as Max?

Henry danger and Max are two popular Nickelodeon characters, played by Jace Norman and Jack Griffo respectively. Although the 2 actors are no longer working for Nickelodeon as at 2020,they can never be forgotten by fans.

For years, the thundermans and Henry Danger were top shows on Nickelodeon that receives lots of awards. Even when the 2 shows have ended, fans still watch them for the love they have for them.

However, one thing that has always cropped up over the years has been the issue of who is more handsome between Henry Danger and Max. It's no doubt that both actors are amazingly talented and handsome,but who is more handsome.Is it Max or is it Henry danger?

That is the focus of this article, to know if Henry danger is truly more handsome than Max. So, without further delay, let's get to it and find out who among the 2 superstars is the most handsome, is it Max or Henry?

Henry Danger

Henry Danger was the star and main actor in the hit Nickelodeon show, Henry Danger. Jace Norman played the role of Henry Hart aka Kid Danger. Henry was recruited by Captain man at a very young age to help him in fighting crime in swellview. With great enthusiasm, Henry quickly took up the job and became Swellview's favourite side kick.

With his friends, Henry became a superhero that was loved for his charismatic behaviors and his good looks. For years, he worked for Captain man. He was Kid danger for several years, until he decided it was time to move on with life. He quit being Kid Danger, but came back to help captain man fight Drex in the final battle to save Swellview.

Jace Norman is a really handsome dude and he has actually starred in many Nickelodeon shows and like Blurt, Bixler High, Rufus and many more. He has also received numerous accolades and awards for his amazing prowess and skills in the movie industry.

Jace Norman is no doubt very handsome, but is he still handsome as he used to be? Let's check some of his old pics and some of his new pics.

Check out old ones below.

Isn't he cute? Now check out his latest pics below.

He has changed a lot if you ask me.


Max is a very handsome dude that started in the hit Nickelodeon show, The Thundermans.Jack Griffo played the role of Max, a young guy from a family of superheroes. Unlike his siblings and parents, Max embraces the evil side and declares himself a supervillain.

He devoted his time to creating evil gadgets that are actually cool to take over the world. His greatest passion and dream is to take total control of the world and rule the whole universe. However, his twin sister, Phoebe doesn't allow this.

Unlike her twin brother Max ,Phoebe is very kindhearted and nice. She made sure Max changed his ways to become a superhero. Together, they formed those own superhero force called The T force. Although Max initially started out as a villain, he ended up becoming a superhero who saved his town, Hiddenville.

Apart from being evil, Max was super handsome. He often joked about his handsomeness and to be fair, I see no reason why he shouldn't. I mean when you are that handsome, people need to know.

Like Jace Norman, Jack Griffo has also started in a lot of Nickelodeon shows and movies like Jinxed, Splitting Adam and many more. Jack is no doubt super handsome and very cute. Like I did with Jace, we'll check his old and new pictures too.

See some old pics here.

Isn't he cute? Now check new pics of him.

Now that we've seen what they both looked like before and what they look like now,its quite obvious that Max is more handsome than Henry.

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