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Big Brother Nigeria Or Gulder Ultimate Search; Which Is The Greatest Reality TV Show Of All Time?

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Reality TV shows in Nigeria have been a source of wonderful entertainment for everyone, especially during this covid-19 pandemic when everything seems so hard and unpleasant. 

It has really helped in getting rid of boredom. One of the most valuable contribution of this shows is that it allows ordinary people to become celebrities within a short time and also make celebrities out of talentless individuals. And for the records too, reality shows can bring out the beast in you. Don't blame Erica or Vee, reality shows do bring out the worse in individuals. That's reality show for you. And that's what makes it more fun for us to watch.

Gulder Ultimate Search, to start with, is a Nigerian reality TV Show sponsored by Nigerian Breweries plc. The show began in year 2004 and stopped in year 2014. We have good news for you, the organizers said that they are bringing back the show. The organisers of GUS are set to bring back the highly rated reality television show.

And for the records, GUS is the very first 100% local content reality television programme in Nigeria. It's a survival- for- the -fittest type of show and it showed how contestants struggled and searched for a hidden treasure. Any contestant who ends up finding the treasure becomes the winner of the show. The Winner of Gulder Ultimate Search 2012 took home a 10 million naira cash prize and an SUV. Many Nigerians fell in love with this show then because it's very entertaining and filled with suspense and amazing features.

Now to Big Brother Naija, it started in year 2006 and it had aired up to five seasons now; big brother naija season 1, big brother naija season 2 (see gobbe), big brother naija season 3 (double wahala), big brother naija season 4 (pepper them gang) and big brother naija season 5 (lockdown) with winners emerging from each series.

Big brother naija is a reality TV show filled with much suspense, dramatic displays among housemates and those amazing tasks, games and challenges they carry out which you wouldn't want to miss out ( I haven't slept with my two eyes closed since they started the big brother lockdown edition, thank God it ended all well).

Both reality TV shows are superb and very entertaining. I remembered when Gulder Ultimate Search was still airing on NTA, I never missed it. Everyone likes it then and everyone watches it, even old people. 

So let put it like this. If we are to choose or select the show with the most entertaining contents, largest viewers, wildest suspense, most thrilling features and well-structured programme, let's be honest with ourselves and forget about the prize for now, which show would you choose and why do you choose the show?

Which reality TV show would you consider the greatest reality TV show of all times?

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