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Checkout The Demons Behind 'Spirit Husband' Or 'Spirit Wife', What You Must Do To Overcome Them

The problem of 'spirit husband or spirit wife' have is one of the greatest spiritual problems that have provided mankind from time immemorial. They are not humans but can possess the body or spirit of a person.

The demon behind spirit husband is called "Incubi" while the demon behind the spirit wife is called "succubi". These are vicious spirits that molest and attack their victims while they are asleep. He or she may be awakened with several forms of lust-inducing simulation. The people who find themselves in this major spiritual problems usually find it hard to discuss it with others.

These cruel spirits once entrenched, those not care if the experience is pleasant or not to their host. It has led a lot of people into spiritually manipulated marriages without their knowledge.

This satanic invasion leads to sexual intercourse in the dream, bearing evil children in the dream, marital distress, anti-pregnancy spirits, child pollution, late marriage, poverty, strange sicknesses and sexual perversion.

Some of the signs that they are present in one's life are as follows;

1. Constant dreams that a man or woman is coming to have sexual intercourse with you in your dream

2. Inability to sustain a relationship.

3. When men are only interested in sleeping with you but have no interest to marry you.

4. Disappointment at the edge of marriage.

5. Recurrent financial crises for any man you are in a relationship with.

6. The act of masturbation can trigger or attract the presence of incubi or succubi.

7. Unbreakable addiction to pornography can trigger their unwanted presence.

8. Eating food of a possessed person.

If you really want to seperate and overcome the spirit spouse with the word of God, which is the most powerful, burning, consuming, and sharpest sword you would ever need to cut them off your life. When you pray, use these scriptures:


Give your life to Christ.

Repent from known sins.

Confess your sins as much you can remember.

Breaking all the covenants you might have made knowingly or unknowingly with the spirit spouse.

Flee away from sin and other properties that may aid these spirits to gain access over you.

Take authority in the name of Jesus and declare your freedom from all satanic oppression.

Avoid and get rid of indecent dressing.

Disengage yourself from unbelievers (unfriendly friends).

Do not practice the lifestyle of polygamy.

Pray some recovery prayers to recover what they took from you in the spirit.

Live the new life and nature of God.


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