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Why Queen Should Not Be Criticized For Telling White Money That She Wants To Get Intimate With Cross

The video of Queen and White Money's private discussion recently went viral. White Money confronted Queen for saying that she would love to get intimate with Cross, and it was obvious that White Money was hurt by her statement. She has now been criticized by several viewers who felt like she went too far by telling White Money about her desire to get intimate with Cross. However, I think there are several reasons why Queen shouldn't be criticized for opening up to White Money.

Firstly, Queen's statement shows that she doesn't want to hide her desire for cross from White Money. Queen knows that it is best she tells White Money personally, because his reaction might be worse if he discovers himself.

Secondly it is obvious that White Money and Queen have a very beautiful and friendly relationship together. However, White Money hasn't formally asked Queen to be his girlfriend, so this is probably why she didn't think opening up to White Money would hurt him. She has kissed Cross severally in the presence of White Money and she didn't see it as something bad.

This shows that Queen feels that she is just being close friends with White Money. I think the best thing White Money can do now is to advice Queen about some of the actions she is taking in the house. Queen is just a free-minded lady who wants to enjoy her stay in the house. If you watch how Queen acts in most of the Friday parties you would know that she is just all about enjoying herself and making sure there is no dull moment around her. Hence, think Queen should not be criticized for telling White Money that she wants to get intimate with Cross.

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