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Laugh to These 29 Funny Pictures and Jokes

Funny pictures us the food of the soul, let see some funny jokes to start your day.

The way Student giraffes in Exams hall some of them can see tomorrow.

No matter how rich you are you must pose like a less privilege to take a passport.

See make I tell you something no be everybody that wear's senator with cap and small purse that has money ooh, some of them are MC.

Gone are gone when rich man are measured with big pot Belle now it might be signs of Mal nutrition.

There are some girls, when they sleep in your house, you have to hold them tight in your arms all night just because they steal too much.

I think I will take my own death, your relations will not help you but Just tell them that someone is death, they will raise million sharply.

Confusion is when you change your phone language to Chinese and you can't find the setting again.

let see some funny pictures

Which one make your day

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