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Checkout these top 5 movies that will make you cry after watching them

As we all know that, watching film are wat we do every time , so we love things that are interesting.

However, these films are classified into many , we have the action movies , which include fighting and shooting guns. We also have horror movie, which includes zombies and vampire. And we also have love films .

Also each countries has it own Nam for film production, like the Bollywood , Nollywood, Hollywood and others .

Moreover, we watch sone films and at the ending we give them kudos, while we watch some and we just abuse them . While some make us cry and some make us stronger.

Have you ever cry while watching films before? See these 5 movies that will make you cry after watching them .

1. Forest Gump (1994)

2. Blue Valentine's

3. Call me by your name

4. the hours

5. Portrait of a lady on fire

Thanks these are the film's that I have watched that have mede me cry .

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