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"Why Are Opera Writers Posting These Pictures Online? Are They Really Funny?". Decide For Yourself.

Pictures go a long way to affect a person's mood. It can make one happy, sad, throw a person off balance or even go on to inspire. There are just several things a picture can do.

While it is easy for an opera writer to go online, get any photo and tag it as a funny picture. Some pictures in themselves are not dry, it is just that they are queer for the setting used. In this sense, I mean that what might crack a regular American might not even move a Nigerian. Thus, there is the need for a joke to be relevant to the particular audience you're targeting. When this has been achieved, you'll get your audience rolling on the floor in laughter and tears.

So here are common pictures that have been posted online. Do you find them funny?

I intentionally left out captions so that you'd be able to decipher it by yourself. Only then can you find it funny or not? So what are your thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for taking your precious time to check out these pictures😊. I truly appreciate you🙏.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this one, so just make use of the comment box😆. I'd also appreciate a like and a share🤗. Thanks so much😉.

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