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Fiction: The elder's daughter (episode 25)

The following day was the first day of the mock exams. Esther had found it hard to sleep the previous night. She thought of what she had just done. She wondered what David was thinking in his mind.

“Am I slowly turning into a bad person? Am I becoming like Janet and Naomi?” she thought to herself. “What if my father found out what I am doing? Oh, why should I even think of my father when the only thing he cares about is money and not my well being?” she said to herself that night. She shook her head and decided to rise from her bed to revise as she couldn’t sleep. Angela was fast sleep and in order not to disturb her, Esther only switched on her torch to study. She revised throughout the night and only slept off around 3am.

“Wow, the first paper wasn’t that bad. I have hope that I will score above 70” Angela said that day as they came out of the exam hall. Esther smiled happily “Oh yes. I also found it quite fair. Most of the questions that were presented were very familiar to me especially that I went through some of them last night when I was studying” she said.

“That even reminds me, At what time did you come back last night? I waited for you until around 8:30pm but you were nowhere to be seen” Angela added. Esther hesitated for a while “Uhmm, I was just trying to take some fresh air” she answered. Esther’s phone rang. Esther was reluctant to answer when she saw that it was Elder Barnabas’ number, but when she answered she found out it was her mother that was calling.

Mother: Hello my princess. It’s me

Esther: Mom! I am happy to hear from you. How is everyone doing at home?

Mother: Oh we are all fine by the grace of God. Your father went to church a couple of minutes ago and left his phone. So I asked Daniel to call you. Hahaha

Esther: I am happy to hear from you mom. I miss you so much

Mother: I miss you too my daughter. How are you coping with the exams? Your father told me that you are starting today

Esther: Yes mom. We just finished the first paper. It was fair, waiting to see how the rest will go

Mother: God will see you through my princess. So tell me, are you getting ready for your wedding? The whole city is talking about it.

Esther: uhmm……uhmmm…..uhmmm

Mother: Hello Esther, are you there? Are you ok?

Esther: I am fine mom.

Mother: No you are not. Why are you finding it hard to answer my question? Is there anything wrong? Did you and Jacob fight?…….Hello Esther speak to me……Esther…..My Princess, please talk to me, I am getting worried

Esther: I am fine mom. I just want to concentrate on my studies for now until the end of the final exams.

Mother: Hmm, I know my dear but you can’t lie to me. I know you like I know myself and right now I can tell that there is something wrong. Please tell me my princess

Esther started crying as she held her phone to her ear. Angela looked at her, wondering what was going on.

Mother: Esther! Esther! Why are you crying? Oh my God, what is going on? Please say something, my heart is already paining.

Esther: Mom I am fine. I just miss you that’s all. I wish you were here to advise me on this whole issue of marriage. I have no knowledge on marriage and I feel so vulnerable

Mother: Oh my princess. I wish I was there right now. Listen to me, forget about this wedding issue. I am sorry for even mentioning it. I only said it because I thought you were excited about it. Concentrate on your studies. When it is time for the wedding, everything will fall in place and God’s will shall prevail. Don’t you worry about anything ok? I am praying for you every day and I know everything is going to be alright. Now, soothe your tears and make me feel better by promising that you will be fine.

Esther: I promise mom. I am alright

Mother: Good. Don’t worry, when you come for the 2 weeks break soon you and I will have enough time to talk. Just make sure you study hard. I will make you a big banana cake the day of your arrival. I know it’s your favorite

Esther smiled. “Thank you mom” she said as they said goodbye to each other. ‘Is everything ok Esther?” Angela asked. “Yes it was my mom. I just miss her so much. I can’t wait to see her soon” Esther answered. “Oh I can imagine. By the way, dad called me last evening when you went for dinner.

He told me that he can help us to do a training at the university teaching hospital immediately after our final exams. He said it will help us to gain some experience before finding a job. And since it is for at least one month, you might use it as an opportunity to look for some jobs around and run away from that beast” Angela said. Esther looked so happy “Oh really? That would be great my dear. I can’t wait” she said, jumping up.

“Esther, Esther” someone called from behind. Esther and Angela turned back to see who it was. It was Janet and Naomi. Angela looked at Esther ‘Since when did those two start talking to you again after what they did to you?” she asked. Esther did not know what to answer. She pretended as if she was innocent and said ‘I don’t know what they want from me. Let me go and find out. I am coming.” Angela watched her carefully as she went to meet them.

Naomi: Esther my dear, how are you today?

Esther: I am doing fine thanks and you?

Naomi: I am alright thanks. So tell me, Prince called me this morning and he said he is ready to pick you up this evening around 7pm.

Esther: I am sorry, but I can’t do that. I have closed the chapter. If David loves me, he will come back to me and if he doesn’t, well then it just doesn’t matter

Naomi: Don’t be naïve Esther. Just this morning, when Janet and I were going to class, we met David and Betty near the dining hall, quarrelling like small kids.

Esther: Why? What happened?

Naomi: From the look of things, Betty was accusing David of the fact that he is still in love with you. David, of course was pretending that it was not the case, but from the look on his face, one can easily tell that he was lying. The guy still loves you and am sure he is becoming so jealous ever since he saw what happened last night.

Esther: You think so?

Naomi: Of course. That is why I am encouraging you to make another show with Prince tonight and this time around, play it so well. Believe me, David will come back running to you

Angela decided to come to where they were standing as she wanted to know the trouble that the ladies were causing again. Janet made a sign to Naomi to stop talking. “Esther, is everything ok?” Angela asked. Esther was trembling “Yes Angela everything is ok.

These ladies just wanted to know if I can help them with some mathematics this evening” Esther answered. Angela held Esther by the hand and pulled her “Esther, I don’t think you have time to even teach others when you are also having exams, especially not some people.

Please let’s leave this place” she said. Esther went along, looking back at Naomi who was making signs to her to indicate that they would meet later. Angela pulled Esther by force and they left. Janet and Naomi laughed ‘What a piece of garbage this so called Angela is! She looks like a stupid cow!” Janet said, sneering.

Esther, are you crazy? How can you even think of helping those two demons, after everything they did to you?” Angela said as they arrived at the hostel. “Oh come on Angela! It’s just simple help. I have forgiven them for what they did to me. This world is a small world. Who knows, maybe one day I might need their help!” Esther said. Angela became upset and warned her not to go anywhere near them. Esther thought about what Naomi had just told her “Could it be true that David is still in love with me? If that’s the case, then he will show up soon. But what if Betty manages to convince him to stay? Maybe I need to make him even more jealous again today. I think Naomi is right” she thought to herself.

It was already 7pm and Esther was thinking of how to escape from Angela. She waited until 7:30pm and said “Angela, I am going to talk to David. I am just going to apologize to him for all the childishness I have been doing.

I want him to know that he is still my friend and that I am happy that he has found someone.” Angela looked at her “Hmm, are you sure you are not trying to go and help those ladies?” she asked, looking suspicious. Esther smiled “Oh come on Angela. Why should I lie to you about something like this? I can’t go back to those ladies’ room.

Am I a fool? I have better things to do” Esther answered. Angela seemed to have believed her. Esther took her phone and left. When she arrived in their room, she only found Janet and Prince. According to Janet, Naomi had gone to meet her boyfriend. “Hello beautiful angel” Prince said.

Esther did not answer. Janet asked Prince to leave the room for a while as she helped Esther to dress up. “Wow, sexy lady!” Prince shouted as Esther went to meet him. Esther was disgusted. “Listen, if you want me to help you get your man back, you will need to go with me to a nearby restaurant. I am very hungry” Prince said. Esther rejected the offer but Prince insisted and told her he would leave without accomplishing his mission.

When he was about to enter his car, Esther shouted “Ok, we can go. Rubbish!” Prince smiled and off they went. They arrived at a cozy restaurant in town. Prince ordered food for both of them even though Esther only drank a glass of water. Prince had also ordered some beer for himself. He drank the bottles of beer like water. It was getting dark. Esther was panicking already. “Please, shall we go now?” she said.

Prince, who was now drunk, laughed “Come on baby girl, let’s have fun. Listen I like you so much and I am ready to replace that silly guy of yours. I will give you the whole world” he said. Esther couldn’t believe her ears. She looked around to see who was looking at them, but there was only one couple seated quite far who were not even paying attention to what was happening.

Prince stood up and held Esther so tight. He gave her a kiss on her neck. Esther tried to push him, but he was quite strong. Suddenly, the image of what Jacob had done to her flashed in her mind and with all the strength she had, she pushed Prince until he fell on his back “Ouch, you stupid b***tch, ouch” he shouted. The waiter and bartender ran to see what was going on.

Esther took her bag and left in fury. Prince stood up and, staggering, he shouted “You are very lucky that I am drunk otherwise I would kill you. Idiot” Esther ran as fast as she could. She checked her purse to see if she had enough money to take a taxi and fortunately for her, she had enough. She stopped a taxi and asked the driver to drop her at the University.

Her heart beat so fast as she sat in the cab, thinking about everything that had just happened. ‘This is it! I need to stop all this and just be me” she thought to herself. When she arrived at the campus, she wanted to go straight to her room but she feared Angela’s reaction if she got to see how she was dressed. She went to Naomi’s room, Janet was still alone. She was surprised to see Esther in such a state. She was about to ask her what went wrong when suddenly Naomi entered looking very happy.

“Hello ladies. Madam Esther, how did it go?” Naomi Said as she put her hand bag and a paper bag on her bed. Esther explained to them what had happened. Naomi laughed hard “Esther you are a funny human being. I am very sure Prince has fallen in love with you because he kept sending me chats asking me questions about you. Maybe he might even be better than David. Why not give him a try?” she said.

Esther shook her head in anger as she put on her clothes “Never. This was the last try, I don’t want to have anything to do with any man. So please just leave me alone” she said. Just a few seconds after that, Naomi made a strange noise, putting her hand on her stomach “Ouch! Ouch! Somebody help me!” she said. Esther and Janet looked at her. “What is going on? Are you having stomach pains?” Janet asked.

Naomi held on to her stomach, this time around groaning in pain “My stomach, my stomach! Help me” she said. Janet got scared. Esther went near her “Naomi, how are you feeling? Explain to me maybe I can help” she said. Naomi screamed again “Aieeeee!” She fell down on the floor and started breathing profusely as if she was losing her breath. Esther lifted her head while Janet put her hand on her stomach gently “What is it Naomi?” she said.

Naomi was now screaming so loud. “Please call a man to help us lift her up. We need to go to the dispensary immediately” Esther said. Janet ran outside to call for help. Naomi was screaming in pain. Janet came back with three male students. They were about to lift her up when Naomi noticed blood rushing from Naomi’s legs. “Oh my God! What is this?” Esther screamed.

She tried to lift up Naomi’s dress a bit to see where the blood was coming from as the students lifted her up. Behold, she noticed that it was coming from her private part. “Jesus!” Naomi shouted. The three men lifted her up as Janet led the way to the dispensary.

Esther took one of the bedsheets and wrapped it around Naomi’s waist to prevent the blood from spilling on the ground. She held Naomi’s hand to comfort her. “It’s going to be alright. Stop screaming. You’ll be fine” she said. Naomi was still agonizing in so much pain. Esther, while holding Naomi’s hand, suddenly looked at her hand closely and saw that she was wearing a bracelet that looked familiar to her. She wondered where she had seen it.

Suddenly, she remembered that it was the same bracelet she had found in Jacob’s hotel room. Esther couldn’t believe it, She looked at Naomi who was crying in agony and thought “Could it be that she was the one sleeping with Jacob?”

Thoughts ran through her mind. When they arrived at the dispensary, they found that there was only one nurse. When she examined Naomi, she referred her to the General hospital, stating that her case was a complex one. One of the students ran to stop a taxi that was passing through the campus and they took Naomi to the general hospital. Nurses rushed as they wheeled her inside the intensive care unit.

Janet, Esther and the rest of the students stood at the reception, waiting for news from the nurse. They waited for at least 1 hour 15 minutes. Finally one of the nurses that had taken her in came out. Janet and Esther ran to hear what she had to say. “Are you her friends?” the nurse asked. Janet and Esther both shouted at once “Yes.” The nurse shook her head “Does she have any family or relatives close by?” she asked again. Janet became upset “Not really. Her family lives quite far from here. Please what’s going on? I am her best friend and I need to know” she said. The nurse sighed and shook her head again “I am sorry to inform you that we lost her. She passed away as we ..” the nurse had not finished her sentence when Janet and Esther screamed “No! No!” Janet rolled on the floor, rose up and held the nurse by her dress “No, Naomi can’t die. It’s a lie! Please tell me it’s a lie” she cried. Esther pulled Janet from the nurse and hugged her in tears. People at the reception area all looked at them feeling sorry for them. The male students who had come with them were all in shock. Esther went to the nurse and asked “What happened?”

Your friend tried to abort. She was at least 3 months pregnant but it seems she took a very harmful substance today to kill her child. Unfortunately for her, the substance was too strong. She lost a lot of blood in the process and eventually lost her life. I am really sorry” the nurse said. Janet and Esther both sat on the floor looking very perplexed. Esther trembled out of fear. She did not know what to think again.


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