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Forget Spartacus, These 4 Movies Are More Interesting

No doubt, several of us are movie addicts who can never joke with movies. Although, some people find it hard to sit down for almost 3 hours all in the name of watching a movie. But we can't hide the fact that movies are not just meant to be watched, but most movies educate and enlighten us.

We all are very familiar with the tv series known as Spartacus, as of that time, the movie was one of the most popular and watched movies in the world. Many people could not believe it when the movie finally came to an end, because of the way it has build a place in people's hearts.

But today, am going to be listing tm4 types of movies that are much better and interesting than Spartacus, I believe after going through it you are going to love it.

1. Black Sails

Black sails tell the story of a young man called Flint and Silver. It Chronicles both their lives as they become some of the most feared pirates in the zone. If you are a fan of treasure hunt films, you are definitely going to love this one.

2. Da Vinci’s Demons

Featuring Tom Riley in the forefront path, Da Vinci’s Demons tells the vitality of Leonardo Da Vinci, an expert, who had remarkable creations attributed to his title. The tale concentrates on his mid-20s adventures as he was attempting to change the destiny of the world.

3. Rome

HBO’s Rome is established during the final days of the Roman Republic, tells the vitalities of everyone staying under that administration. If you like to get a precise impression of how stuff operated back, then this is definitely the movie for you.

4. Vikings

Vikings explain the tale of Ragnar Lothbrok, a farmer, who comes to be the emperor of Norway and oversees a slew of assaults on England and France.

We have finally come to the end of the list, make sure to see these movies, and am sure you are not going to be disappointed. And these movies are also for my people who love extra scenes, you know what I mean.

Like, share, and let us know the movie that you think is missing from the list above.

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