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Road to fame is smooth.

Who said road to fame isn't rough?

As an upcoming artiste I used to think that life was just bed of roses, everything would work out perfectly, now that I'm older I know better.

Many a time we see artistes living flashy lifestyles and all that pops into our head is he's arrogant forgetting that behind the glory lies a story.

The transformation that takes place from when an upcoming artiste was hustling to the point he steps into limelight is tremendously impressive.

A good number of writers have taken time to profile some artistes and tell you their life history and their struggle from zero to hero, from nothing to something...all that I won't dive into, but I will touch but a few just for the comfort of those who didn't know .

The likes of Olamide , donjazzy, yemi alade, ice prince, M.I, p-square , skales, Timaya but to mention a few ....there are untold stories you and I as an upcoming artiste might need to know about

Here are some throwback pictures to keep your consciousness in check .

olamide Badoo


ice prince

p square


yemi alade

I know what you're probably thinking ...yes I thought the same thing too, you're way cuter than some of them while they were hustling ....therefore behind every glory lies a story .

If you're frequent on social media you would have at one time come across the controversial tweet made by Timaya " I wrote jamb several times, now I know that education is not for me "

The young man saw his future early and pursued it ....a good number of artistes in Nigeria happened to be handicapped because of finance a studio session is a real deal costs money and time ....time, we have but the money we don't have .

I hate to admit it but Timaya story actually inspired me, because rumors had it that Timaya first studio album was bought at Alaba international market for 30,000 ...yes 30k l, I know you're thinking it's crazy because the cheapest studio session probably cost nothing less than 10- 15k and that album for this who bought it consisted of over 17 tracks, now do the math.

So yes upcoming face a great deal, so singing in your bathroom like Banky W said might no cut it .

Come out of your shell, go to carnival, bars night clubs anywhere people need just might be lucky to meet a local producer you could impress.

Over the years we have seen a good number of artiste whose first track was a hit banger and they suddenly went know why they wasted grace if you ask me, some went in pursuit of the fame and got lost in the game , some lost focus while others just got tired .....for those who you know has stood the test of time ... they're the real MVP and you need to respect that cus when you lose consistency you lose relevant ...think of that when next you think of giving up on your dreams as an upcoming

I hope you like my submission

Like, share and comment...peace .

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M.I Olamide


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