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Stop This Habit, It Will Make You Remain Poor.

Stop This One Habit, It Will Make You Poor Forever.

Good day ladies and gentlemen today I bring to you one habit that will make you poor forever. But before I reveal that to you I would like to ask you this question " why do you want to have more money? 

For many to answer this question they would tell you I want to buy house, I want to buy car, expensive watch, you know i should be able to take good care of my family, I want to be able to do what so ever I want that is having my own freedom etc.

As I know everyone in life has a money story to tell, no doubt we all are in need of money. 

You may want to ask what is a money story ? It simply a turning point in every man's life where you come to realize and know the important of money and why you need money.

Some people may actually say oh while I was growing up, my parents couldn't afford the kind of stuffs my mate or peers where using because of this ugly experience you may say to yourself "I need to make more money" etc

And not having money will surely cause you pain, lack of security, disappointment.

You may want to ask but what has this has to do with one habit that will make you poor forever?

Recall your experience with money and God helping you, you finally got the money and you agree with me that what will come to your head is let me show off, I mean let me tell the world that I now have the money, you want to drive the lastest car, wear the latest dress and things that you probably don't need.

But if you can think deep down in your heart, why you actually need money, it is possible you want all these things you are chasing after but when you look down your heart, you will find out you are actually going towards a certain feeling that you want and certain feeling that you don't want.

You may say am not after material things but the truth is that you are pursuing something, things to make you look good, trying to impress people buying things you don't need.

At the end you end up spending money you don't have, buying things you don't need to impress people you probably don't even like.

Having the mindset of I have money so let me just spend it, buy anything I want and you keep chasing one thing or the order, that emotion you think would make you feel better. This habit of always buying things to make you feel better, to prove other people wrong will definitely make you poor forever.

So instead if you really care about yourself image, you won't bother buying all these stuffs simply because you want to prove someone wrong but because you like them, you buy because you enjoy them, it gives you comfort.

Money is simply a tool, which gives you comfort, it gives you peace of mind, it gives you time, it allows you to have more chioce in life, you can actually say no to things because you have money.

So instead of spending to impress why don't you spend to invest, invest in yourself education, invest in things that will affect you positively, emotionally, Spiritually and things you will look back and feel good about yourself.

The bottom line is, don't spend money to impress but spend money to invest!

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