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If You Didn't Laugh After Seeing These Funny Memes, You Are A Genius

Here are some funny memes to enlighten your mood. Please share with your friends, don't laugh alone.






You may not understand this scene until you are in his shoe. My brother you didn't kill your father, for that your child won't kill.1718


In this country, we always have our way out to every challenge. That is why we are very creative or am I lying? Check it out.


Only God knows what this horse is passing through.


Some tailors wicked oh. Is this suit or gown suit.222324


When you are use to entering other peoples house through the window to steal and you finally decided to build yours. You no longer know the value of a door. 2627


Reply as the employer.293031


* Daddy, said a six year-old-boy "I will like to get married". "Sure, son". his father answered "anyone special in mind?" "Yes" answered the boy. "Grandma, she is nice". "Wait a minute" his father said "do you think I will let you marry my mother". Why not? The boy asked "you married mine".

* A man went to the police station, wishing to speak with the thief who had broken into his home the night before. You will have your chance in court said the desk sergeant. No no no no, the man said I want to know how he got into the house without waking my wife, I have been trying to do that for many years now.

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