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Mind blowing flexibility and contortionist

Hello everyone

So as we all know flexibility is a must have for performing arts fans. Dancer of arts such as ballet,. Hip hop and other dances require this for a perfect fit.

Here are some mind blowing photos of extreme contortionist and jaw dropping flexibility that will shock you completely down to your marrow. I took time to search for contortionist round the world and even in Nigeria.

See photos below:


Mind numbing pain..but not for her. She is extremely flexible to be able to do this.


This is a teenage boy from India. Even the contortion instructor and the villager are shocked and scared of his body. See more photos.


Yup! Our countries best. He is an amazing contortionist. Don't you think so? See more photos.



Another Nigeria's contortionist. Very flexible!


Best the world has ever seen! She gives flexibility a whole new look, and has taken contortion to another level. The moves she gives are unique and very strong, a whole new perspective here.


From Dance moms, an erky feeling this gives. She is flexible and has a good sense of style.


Africa's "Snake woman" she is extremely flexible and great at contortion. She is the best so far that Africa has ever seen.


Lol! Even Barbie doll is contortioning!


Erky feeling again. She is extremely flexible. The instructor seems to be doing a good job.

Thanks for reading! Have any erky thoughts on this? Leave your comments below and share.

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