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2 things Queen stopped doing after White Money advised her not to get intimate with male housemates

Big Brother Naija stars, Queen and White Money, have been in the news due to their relationship drama. Despite their differences, the duo have managed to maintain the bond of friendship they share. In the previous weeks, Queen was caught on camera getting intimate with Cross. This did not sit well with White Money as he advised her against getting intimate with other guys in the Big Brother house.

He advised Queen to desist from kissing or doing stuff with male housemates because it might affect her political ambition. I guess the advice sunk into her head, considering a lot of changes that have taken place in her attitude.

photo credit:@White Money / Queen

2 things Queen stopped doing after White Money advised her not to get intimate with male housemates

1) Queen has stopped locking lips with Cross

Queen has refused to kiss Cross. This was contrary to how she treated Cross in the previous weeks. They used to lock lips not minding White Money's presence.

Few days ago, camera captured Cross trying to find out why Queen had refused to lock lips with him since this week. Queen revealed that she does not want to hurt White Money's feelings. Reacting to her revelation, Cross expressed dissatisfaction with her decision. He also accused Queen of using him to make White Money jealous.

photo credit:@Bbnaija Cross/ Queen

2) Queen has stopped spending a lot of private time with Cross.

Queen now spends lesser time with Cross and more time with White Money. In the previous weeks, she usually seized any opportunity to twerk or sit on Cross' laps, regardless of White Money's presence. They spent a lot of time together such that Ebuka, the Big Brother Naija Sunday live show host, had to inquire about her relationship with Cross during one of the live eviction shows. I guess Queen realized that White Money adores her more than Cross.

photo credit:@White Money

Yesterday during the Jacuzzi party, camera caught Cross giving White Money and Queen an unfriendly look while they were dancing in the jacuzzi. Judging by his reaction, it is safe to say that he was not happy.

Screenshot evidence of Cross's reaction to White Money and Queen dancing.

photo credit:@BBnaija

Do you think that Queen made the right decision by limiting her rapport with Cross? Is this a sign that Queen truly loves White Money?

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