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Opinion: what Crystal Okoye would have done instead of calling Chizzy Alichi out on social media.

When misunderstanding arises among friends, there are some expected responses owing to the fact that there is a certain level of friendship that has been in existence before the misunderstanding.

It is clearly understandable that people do some of the things they do out of anger, but there is need to remind everyone of the best ways to deal with misunderstanding especially when it exists among friends.

True friendship is a privilege and it's worth sacrificing for, and this is why at some points, people should sacrifice for the sake of friendship when such friendship is genuine.

According to Crystal Okoye who is a Nollywood actress, there is an alleged misunderstanding between her and her co actress Chizzy Alichi.

From the video Crystal Okoye shared on her Instagram handle as can be seen here (sourced from Crystal's Instagram handle), she claimed that Chizzy Alichi has been keeping malice with her after she didn't share her pictures on her birthday.

Crystal revealed that Chizzy Alichi caused a movie producer to cut her (Crystal Okoye) off from the characters of a certain movie production even after she had made her hair and got prepared for the shoot.

She recounted possible things that could cause Chizzy Alichi to do such to her, but in my opinion, there is a better approach she would have given to the issue instead of bringing it up on social.

For the sake of the friendship that has existed between them, I suggest Crystal Okoye would have confronted Chizzy Alichi to address the issue. Secondly, she should have equally confronted the movie producer to be sure of the reason behind her being excluded from the characters. The reason why I suggest this would have been the better approach is that Chizzy hasn't said anything about the issue which could probably mean that she my not have done such and that is more reason why Crystal would have resolved the issue with her amicably.

The implication of bringing up such issues on social media is that the internet never forgets. They may need each other even more in time to come but the video which already made ways to some media platforms may have poisoned the minds of people against one of them.

Image source: all pictures of Crystal Okoye in the article were sourced from her Instagram handle.

Image source: all of Chizzy Alichi's pictures in the article were sourced from her Instagram handle.

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