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Ultimate Love: David Wilson lost his fan base because of Presh Talker

Ultimate Love: David Wilson lost his fan base because of Presh Talker

It is often said that the success of a man is solely depends on the kind of woman he marries. And for every successful man, there is a woman behind it. 

David Wilson, one of the love guests in the Ultimate Love reality television was believed to be a contestant that would be reckoned with due his charismatic attitude and energy since he checked inside the love pad. 

Many believe he would go far in the show and even claim the Ultimate prize with whoever he chooses as a partner.

However, his rating experienced a sharp decline on the day of pairing after he jilted Rosie who many are already seeing a bright future with. He jilted Rosie for Presh Talker who came new to the house. 

And so, he began to regain some fans as the show progress by accepting his mistake and asking for forgiveness. 

However, as Presh Talker began to exhibit her real nature in the house, doubts casted. 

His fans could not keep up with Presh Talker attitude. To make the matters worse, she stated in one of her conversations that David Wilson is not in her class. 

Many see the relationship as good as death because it turned one sided. David Wilson seems to be the one trying hard to make things work between them. 

There is no way his fans could continue rooting for him when they are aware that the relationship will not go far beyond the love pad hence they lost the zeel to continue supporting him. 

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