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“I don’t know if Polygamy is a sin” Daddy Freeze talks about Polygamy

Daddy Freeze has come out to talk about polygamy, and in his own opinion, he made it known that he’s not sure if Polygamy is a sin or not, as he used some bible passages to support his claim. He made it known that the Bible doesn’t say much about polygamy being a sun or not, as some great men in the Bible had more than one wives wish includes Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon, and many others.

He said what he can just say about polygamy is that before you go into it, you must be aware of the danger that comes with it, like STI, fight within the house, and also finance. He said if your financial status is not that strong then it will be very wrong for your to have more than one wife, because the fellow may end up not being able to pay the school fees of his children.

So for him, Polygamy is a choice and he won’t go into polygamy because he’s okay with one wife, and those who are okay with one wife can go into it as long as they are sure that no issue will come up. 

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