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Twenty three comic pictures that will make you laugh out loud

Studies have shown that laughter does help to relieve pains, bring great happiness and even increase immunity. Positive psychology names the propensity of laughter and sense oh humor as one of the twenty four man signature strengths one posses. Unfortunately, however, many people don't get enough laughter in their lives, which is why this following twenty three comic pictures is here to give you that treat.

23. that moment when you're thanking God for not allowing the rain to touch at least your head.

22. that moment when someone is seriously crushing on you, but you don't like him. And you mistakenly sent him a message on Facebook.

21. That awkward moment in an exam hall. every one is using ruler but you don't understand why.

20. that moment when you asked your boyfriend how his night was on Facebook, as you have gone home, after a long night together with him, and he sent this.

19. that moment when the mask became compulsory for everyone to put on.

18. that moment when monkey see a beautiful girl, and this happens.

17. That moment when you resume chatting after being in coma for months, and this happens.

16. The moment a girl sees an handsome guy vs how boy behaves when they see beautiful girl.

15. That moment when airplane is still afraid of the covid 19, and this happens.

14. That moment when they have warned you severally and you refuse to hear, and this happens.

13. That moment when you heard he has 30 billion in his account, and this happens.

12. That moment when people always tells you that you are beautiful, but still unmarried.

11. Ladies and gentlemen I present today I present to you the of animals.

10. That moment when there's always that anty who proclaims herself to be the chief director of dividing food and family function.

9. That moment when fashion is getting out hand. But we don't know, whether is the left hand or the right hand.

8.That moment when you have studied mechanical engineering in economical department, and this happens.

7. That moment when you love lady gaga so much and you chose to act like her. And this happens.

6. That moment when you saw that girl you are cruising on, and you be like this.

5. That moment when you girlfriend sent you a massage that says 'shes wet' and you're wondering because the village haven't got water for some months now.

4. That moment when you dance like no one is watching and this happens.

3. That moment when Boniface is looking at the brightness of the screen. What is children turning into. God hep us.

2. That moment when you're been pronounced as the best dancer. And this happens.

1. That moment when you have stomach upset and you have warn your team mate not to throw you ball anymore while he won't listen, and this happens.

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