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Meet the actor who said only 700 words in a movie role, and was paid 5.7 billion naira(See photos)

The popular Terminator movie was a franchise that saw massive success amongst cinemas worldwide.

The actors were top billed, movie graphics was top notch, stunts, direction and acting were superb.

But do you know the lead man of the movie Arnold Schwarzenegger popularly known as Commando and one of America's and Hollywood's finest acts was paid a whooping 15 million dollars for his dialogue in the second part of the movie Terminator 2-Judgement day, yes he was paid an insane amount of money for only uttering 700 words counted and writen.

And when converting the money to naira it is a hefty sum of 5.7 billion naira.

For just 'Hasta la Vista baby' a popular catchphrase in the movie he was paid 85,000 dollars alone.

Arguably the first modern super-blockbuster, a CGI-packed science-fiction franchise tentpole complete with catchphrases and multiple action-figure-ready characters. It was a massive smash hit as I indicated earlier and broke records world wide.

See photos of the movie behind the scenes:

What a hefty sum.

The movie is one of Arnold's most popular movies till date, and it also had a remake this year and the franchise was ended.

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