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See What The Cast Of House Of Anubis Look Like Now

House of Anubis is a residence of an English boarding school that houses 11 teenagers who try to solve the puzzling mysteries shrouded in the house and why Joy disappeared.

Here are the casts of the House of Anubis and what they look like now and currently doing.

1. Brad Kavanagh

He played Fabian Rutter. Brad is now into music and currently inactive in acting.

He is currently facing his music career and he has dyed his hair gray.

2. Nathalia Ramos

She played the lead character in the House of Anubis as Nina Martin. She's inactive in acting and she has her own blog where she updates her fans and make motivational blogs to inspire her readers.

Here are some current photo of her.

3. Jade Ramsey

She played Patricia Williamson, who despised Nina because she blamed her for the disappearance of her friend Joy.

Not much is known about Jade as she's keeping a low profile and hasn't really been active in her acting career.

Here are her current photos

4. Eugene Simon 

He played Jerome Clarke in the series. Not only is Eugene known for his role in House of Anubis, he's also known for his role in Game of Thrones where he played Lancel Lannister.

Here are some current photos of him.

5. Ana Mulvoy Ten 

Ana played the role of Amber Millington in the series.

Here are some current photos of her.

6. Tesie Lawrence

She's famous for her role as Mara Jaffray in the House of Anubis series.

Here are some current photos of her.

7. Alex Sawyer

He played as Alfie Lewis in the series. He's an actor and musician and has made lot of songs.

Here are some current photos of him.

8. Burkley Duffield

He played as Eddie Miller in the series. He's a Canadian born actor.

Here are some photos of what he looks like now.

9. Klariza Clayton

She played as Joy Mayer the girl who mysteriously disappeared.

Here are some current photos of hers.

10. Alexandra Shipp

She played KT Rush in the series. She has gone on to star in high profile movies. She currently has a role as Storm from the X-Men franchise.

Here are some current photos of hers.

11. Bobby Lockwood

He played as Mick Campbell in the series. He's doing pretty good as an actor as he's played lead roles in some movies.

Here are some current photos of Bobby.

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