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Photos: Africa beautiful mud house

The craft of working with earth is an old one that has stood the trial of time, yet negative discernments in ongoing ages are making it a disagreeable technique. In numerous African urban communities, mud development is regularly connected with rustic destitution and urban occupants would prefer to work with imported materials, for example, concrete, which is a moderately costly material and doesn't give warm and acoustic protection. 

In 2014 the Nka Foundation, a non-benefit situated in the United States that starts and advances masterful and helpful activities that assemble social scaffolds, tested design understudies, graduates and set up studios everywhere throughout the world to reimaging the African mud house. Rivalry passages restricted the assets of the plan to nearby and economical materials that could be found in the Ashanti locale of Ghana

The Nka Foundation rivalry, "Reevaluating the African Mud House Together", planned to show that mud houses could be delightful, tough and savvy. The triumphant plans are being worked in Ghana

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