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Video: Touching Moment When An Old Man Proposed To His Long Term High School Girlfriend

This article featured an old man called Dennis, who lost touch with his high school sweetheart Cindy, for a long term. But when they connected back together, he proposed to her in a very romantic way. Continue reading to the end to and watch the video to see how he did the proposal, and how she responded.

A romantic proposal video was posted online couple of hours ago, which attracted the attention of many people. An old man called Dennis, decides to propose to his high school lover whom they've lost contact for a very long time.

Mr Dennis and Cindy were lovers when they were in high school, but they both lost touch with each other when he left for military school. Now they've reconnected and he wants to give her a surprised proposal.

Photo: Mr Dennis

Dennis began to set up the proposal ground, and even brought his late brothers picture along. This is because his late brother always told him that he will end up with Cindy. So he brought his picture so that he'll serve as witness.

After 33years of being apart, he is going to do what he should have done a long time ago. But the question is, will she say yes?

He brought her on a blindfold after setting the place all up. When he took off her blindfold, she was amazed at how he decorated the place. But she still has no idea he was about to propose to her.

She finally realized what was happening when he got down on his knees and pop out the ring and question.

Old Cindy was so surprised and amazed as she picked the ring and put in on her finger herself, after which they both hugged each other passionately. Indeed it is not late to find true love.

After watching the video, a lot of people celebrated their love by throwing them congratulatory comments.

Watch the video below to see how the proposal took place.

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