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Look At 11 Animals That Are Exact Copies of our Favourite Animated Movie Characters.

Look At 11 Animals That Are Exact Copies of Our Favourite Animated Movie Characters.

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From childhood up till now, a lot of people have watched a lot of animated movie ranking from the very popular Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, George of the Jungle, Lion King, Alaadin down to Shrek, Moana, Frozen and so on, just to name a few.

Some of the animated movie characters have their exact copies in real life. Most of this movies are created based on the inspiration of the writers and are adapted in animation.

Let's take a look at some Famous Animated Movie Characters that have Exact Copies in Real Life.

1. HeiHei in the Movie "Moana"

2. Donkey in the Movie "Shrek"

3. Timon and Simba in the Movie "Lion King"

4. Marlin and Dory in the Movie "Finding Nemo"

5. Po in the Movie "Kung Fu Panda

6. Master Shifu in the Movie "Kungfu Panda"

7. Kenai and Koda in the Movie "Brother Bear"

8. Mufasa and Simba in "Lion King"

10. Puss in Boots in the Movie "Shrek"

11. Bambi in the Movie "Bambi"

Image credits: Disney and imgur

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