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The Nigerian super cop and the FBI investigation.

It is no longer news that Nigeria's super cop Abba Alhaji Kyari, has been embroidered in a case of money laundering and bribery. For now, whatever he has been accused of, is an allegation and would be put through the strain of judicial scrutiny when the need arises.

Court documents published by Sahara Reporters and other news outlets shows that Kyari is in for a long cold night.

The alleged indictment is not actually the meat of the matter, but the seeming fall from grace to the mire by the well celebrated policeman.

Abba has enjoyed a very successful outing with the Nigerian police force. Famed to have cracked the Evans' kidnapping case. It was Abba and crew that bursted the billionaire kidnapping ring of Evans and that singular case shot him to fame and limelight.

He looked promising and has since lived up to his billing by being a thorn in the flesh of criminal elements in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. An enigma - a celebrity super cop who also reveled in his hubris and got carried away by the elation and the spotlight.

A camera friendly cop, who couldn't help the fame and glory that embraced him. Many had uttered under their breath and queried why he was a media glitzy showboat of some sort. Exceptional in his projections - he depicted a Nigerian policeman who lived in a different sphere, away from the day to day Nigerian policeman, who reeks of half baked professional conduct most especially on the road.

Abba could be said to be the face of the reformed or hoped for, Nigerian police. He showed that knack for solving hard cases. The go to man when everyone else fails. Ironically, he comes from the North East, a region ravaged by banditry and terrorism. When he was sent to Imo state to unravel the mystery of the unknown gun men, many people openly scoffed that he was in the East maintaining law and order while his homestead was in ruins. The contrasts that has greeted a career built on great commitment and desire to be different.

With the attendant success and media celebration of such a career, comes the often foreseen carelessness and ruination that has greeted great exploits all through history. That feeling of infallibility, confers on one the mindset that he or she can get away with incredulous acts because of the status already attained in the society.

Could this explain the carelessness of Abba Kyari - if the allegations leveled against him by the FBI are true. The meticulousness of the FBI, in investigating cases has made so many people believe the revelations already churned out by the Bureau. The detailed chronicles of the investigation has left little room for a manoeuvre on the part of the accused.

Abba Kyari hastily rushed to his social media handle to debunk the allegations - and ended up sounding infantile and unprofessional in his terse rebuttal. His statement worsened his situation and tattered his image faster than a worn rag. Many had suggested that he keep mum until the situation became clear - but a man who had ascended such a pedestal of piety and integrity, needs supernatural patience to sit it out knowing fully that his image was already draping wet soot.

It is not enough to point at the ensuing confusion without chastising Kyari, for his indiscretion in associating with questionable characters. A crime burster of his standing has no reason or excuse to wiggle out from the blame of associating with a perceived fraudster in a conspicuous manner. If you as a super cop, cannot explain the wealth of the man you have dealings with, not on casual level, but on close friendly bases, then it shows one thing - incompetence. This till this moment is the puzzle yet to be solved; Abba Kyari the super intelligent cop - unable to know that the man he associates with is into fraud.

The truth of the matter is that Abba Kyari despite the travails of his at the moment is still a hero, but this period will determine if he will continue to be a hero or a villain. May God help him.

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