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12 Recent Mind Blowing Pictures Of Past And Present Nickelodeon Stars

1. Kira Kosarin: Kira featured as "Phoebe" on the just concluded nickelodeon series 'The Thundermans'. She's now an R&B singer amongst others.

2. Casey Simpson: He featured as "Ricky" in the nickelodeon series 'Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn'. He is now a singer also. 

3. Jade Pettyjohn: She played the role of "Summer" in the nickelodeon series 'School of Rock' and "Chloe" in 'Henry Danger'.

4. Cree Cicchino: Cree acted as the feisty "Babe" from the nick series 'Game Shakers'. 

5. Richardo: Ricardo featured as "Freddy" from the series 'School of Rock'. 

6. Lizzy Greene: We have the beautiful Lizzy who played the role of "Dawn" in the nick series 'Nicky, Ricky, Ricky and Dawn'.

7. Thomas Kuc: He featured as the hilarious "Hudson" from the nick series 'Game Shakers'.

8. Jace Norman: We also have our very own Jace Norman from the popular nickelodeon series 'Henry Danger'. He played the role of Henry and "kid danger".

9. Breanna Yde: She featured as "Tomika" in the nick series 'School of Rock'.

10. Jack Griffo: He played the role of an annoying brother and a supposed evil villain in the nick series 'The Thundermans'. He featured as "Max".

11. Riele Downs: She acted as "Charlotte" from the famous nick series 'Henry Danger'.

12. Ella: Ella acted as the stubborn sister in the nick series 'Henry Danger' to "Henry".

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