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" When You See Your Ex-lover Pregnant For A Bike Man" ; Funny Hilarious Pictures And Jokes

Have you laugh today? If no I hope this is the right moment for you to do so, Cause I'm here with some funny pictures and jokes that will makes you laugh out and forget your sorrow. Don't forget that " all works without play makes Jack a doll boy" so let catch fun and have a nice time with these funny Pictures and jokes that I've compiled from the internet.

Are you ready? Now let go

1. Some ladies and their stupidity... see distance!

2. You better give me my money, unless you're going nowhere.3. since morning, person have not even earn #204. Continue with my drink, when you're ready you will talk, when it's not my card5. Jesus christ!6. African parent and their problems... they will now started prayer7. My life!8. Exactly 9. Equal pounnded yam10. i'm no more living in this house again.

11. African mothers and thier problems12. is she my real mom?13. He gave me 100014. You're dead15.16. okay ma!17. 18.19.20. my life! a big lost...21. What concerns me22. Heart cries23. i have match to watch33.Hope you had a nice time checking out these funny hilarious pictures and jokes.

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