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Reaction as man says all the married men over 45yrs he knows have girlfriends

Morris Monye sets Twitter on fire after insinuating that all men he knows over 45 years have girlfriends.

Adultery is a serious offense to the conscience and to humanity. It is frowned at by most cultures and religions all over the world. Statistics reveals that, men commit adultery more than women, and usually get away with it unlike their female counterparts.

.The cases of adultery is now more rampant and consequently, the rate of divorce is now astronomical. Over 4000 cases of divorce was filed in the court recently. This may have provoked this Twitter post from this popular Twitter influencer.

People wasted no time in reacting to this post, and many questioned the rationale behind getting married so early just to end up cheating. Some people also said marriage shouldn't be rushed into, and that men should wait for the emotional maturity to live with one woman before settling down.

Why do you think adultery is increasing amongst men?

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