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Opinion: Why People Should Stop Blaming DJ Cuppy For Sharing A Kiss With Her Pet

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola (aka DJ Cuppy) is one of the active entertainers we have in Nigeria. One of the things closely known with her is her undisputed relationship with her dogs, which she nicknamed Dudu and Funfun (meaning black and white).

Photo credit: DJ Cuppy.

Recently, the 29 years old entertainer shared a video of herself and one of her dogs, Dudu. In the video, Cuppy explained that she left her dogs for a long time just to focus on her music, and she feels awful about it. In her way of expressing her apologies to her dogs, the billionaire's daughter picked up her black dog and gave it a kiss on its dog.Photo credit: Sabiradio || Instagram.

Unfortunately, many of her fans did not find it entertaining or funny as they critically condemned the act. One of the things her critics said was that the act was unhealthy, as she could contact diseases from the dog.

However, I wonder if DJ Cuppy deserved all the criticism slammed on her online. If you ask me, she did not deserve it.Photos credit: Sabiradio || Instagram.

So, why exactly should nobody blame the entertainer for kissing her dog?

Firstly, DJ Cuppy is a very learned person. As some of us know, she graduated from King's College London with a degree in business and economics. She also went further to earn a master's degree in music business from New York University. With an educational background as strong as hers, I do not believe that she is ignorant of the health complications of her actions. Therefore I have every reason to believe that she must have treated her dogs for any possible disease it might have.

Moreso, DJ Cuppy shares a very close relationship with her dogs and that was why she could do what she did and the last time I checked, she is solely responsible for her life and whatever she does with her dogs does not really concern anyone as long as it does not affect anybody.

For these reasons, I believe that people should really stop blaming DJ Cuppy for sharing a kiss with her dog. 

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