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THROWBACK: How Jocelyn Wildenstein Funded Her Plastic Surgeries Which Later Botched.

81 year-old Jocelyn Wildenstein, is an American socialite known for her extreme and extravagant cosmetic surgeries, which resulted to her 'catlike' face. Her 1999 high-profile divorce from billionaire art dealer and businessman Alec Wildenstein, funded her numerous surgeries, which later botched and gave her a different look. Reports have it that the Swiss-born socialite has spent over £5m on procedures.

Jocelyn received $2.5 billion in her divorce settlement and $100 million as maintenance fee each year for the following 13 years. Though the judge specifically ruled that she could the alimony payments for further cosmetic surgery.

The Swiss-born has undergone numerous plastic surgery and one of them is 'Canthopexy' (a procedure that lifts the eyes, shaping it like a cat's). She also had a lower eyelid surgery, chin augmentation, fat grafting, a brow lift, face lift, lip plumping injections and cheek implants. It is important for one to review the risks or possible outcome of plastic surgery before embarking on the journey, guess Jocelyn did not carry out some reviews before getting obsessed with cosmetic procedures.

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