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Easy conversation starters that works Every time

Most shy people don't like small talks , it always end up getting awkward, especially when they meet someone for the first time. Something they don't know what to say or they feel they are wasting their time. But small talks are unavoidable especially when making friends, socializing, getting connection to build your career or getting yiur dream job. One need to remember, first impression is gold and really matters. Afteralll, no one will want to hire someone who lack stable speech during an interview.

Therefore to start a conversation in the most easy way possible, this are easy tips;

-Ask how they met:

Often time when meeting someone new we often meet them through a friend after the normal pleasantries, it ok to ask how they met that is your friend and the individual. Now they could have been old school mates or both worked as interns in a company, ask them about their experience either situations, this trigger dopamine in the brain when they start to recall the happy memories and they immediately get drawn to you and leave a lasting impression, when you also share a personal story.

-Talk about Travels:

Imagine there was no middleman to do the introductions, after occasional greeting get then interested by incorporating your past travels into a story , the culture of the place and how much fun you had and then shift it back to them by asking if there is any place on Earth they would like to visit where would it be; this will get then talking about their past travels and even share some great and funny experience they had during their own travels.

-Talking about Food:

Food is one of the greatest joy know to man, people go to great learn to ensure they enjoy what they eat by going to restaurants, snacks bars,etc this make it an even interesting topic to talk about. However you cannot just tell them what you ate for breakfast, rather blend it with a story telling them how you just had the world best pizza at a nearby restaurant. This might sound somehow but it could even get then talking about their experience with nice food's they have had and recommend restaurants which can turn out to be a great conversation.

-Catch up on their favorite Music:

Music is the most common and easiest way to find common ground in a conversation, everybody loves music. Commonality is key to a good first impression because people naturally bond to things they relate to. When we become relatable to something we are likely to remember it.

Everyone has has that favorite genre of songs artists and even songs. You can catch someone off guard by asking what type of music that people like the off are you might end up having a list of music and artist you admire and spend a lot of time talking about it. This little conversation can make the both of you relatable, comfortable and most of all memorable.

- Talk about their Hobbies:

People often like it when other show interest in what they do for fun, because most people tend to be private about their hobbies due to what they think others might say about it, but when you show interest in their hobbies they spend a lot of quality time feeling comfortable while talking to you about it and this could bring about a connection that can lead to friendship.

-Ask about their plans:

This is best used at the beginning of an holiday, if you want to know a little bit about a couple worker or someone you have known for a while but never got to talk this is an opportunity. You can start off by asking what their plans are for the holiday, most people go on vacation or spend time with their love ones. For example if they mention road trip, you can use this to make a great conversation, ask them which cities they intent to visit and if you know a little bit about the place, tell them about a few places they might find fun during their trip. If you are running out of follow up questions to ask , talk a little about own own holiday , don't say things like " I'm spending time with family" that will lead to an "OK" response followed by a long pause, however saying things like "my uncle is having the whole family to his beach house on the island. This gives the other person the opportunity to ask their own follow up questions.

But even if there is no holiday, you can talk about plans for the weekend, days offs etc. Anytime some has free time to sit and relax , they want to talk about it.

-Never ask questions with an YES or NO response:

This is a dangerous course during a conversation, it could lead to a long awkward pause. Therefore ask questions that will get them talking and interested. For example someone talked about their trip to London in stead of saying "hope you had fun", you can say " why did you choose London" this will surely give them something to talk about.

So when next you want to start a conversation it works better when you use this steps.

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Content created and supplied by: Femiisamson (via Opera News )


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